Interlibrary Loan Policy

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Policy Statement
InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is a resource sharing service between various libraries intended to meet the informational needs of library users. Since no one library can possess all the resources a patron would require, ILL provides the means to make available to the patron resources not available at their local library.

ILL services will be provided in accordance with the current ALA Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (RUSA/STARS) and all other required codes and regulations.

All ILL transactions are confidential and will be governed by the Library's policy on confidentiality.


  • Materials are not lent on an international level.
  • Library materials which are highly popular, rare, expensive, or contain local information are generally unavailable for loan to requesting libraries.
  • Materials will be loaned out in accordance with the Item Loan Schedule (14 days for items borrowed from other libraries with renewals determined by the lending library; 45 days for books/audiobooks lent; 28 days for videos lent; 7 day renewals for lent items)
  • Fees will be determined in accordance with the Fee Schedule for Library Services.


  • Since ownership of items being lent through ILL belongs to the supplying library, the supplying library has the discretion to determine factors such as the availability of an item, the time to supply items, the length of time items may be borrowed, availability for renewal, cost of late/loss/damage fines and fees, and cost of photocopies.
  • Patrons' accounts, including linked accounts, must be in good standing in order to borrow ILL materials.
  • Photocopies of properly cited articles from periodicals, journals, and newspapers are eligible for ILL request. The patron must state the cost they are willing to pay for photocopies before they can be requested.
  • Patrons are responsible for fines, damages and loss of ILL materials checked out on their card.
  • Requests for renewal must be made to the ILL department prior to the stated due date of the material.
  • Failure to return ILL material by the stated due date or to pick up ILL materials requested may result in the loss of ILL privileges.


  • InterLibrary Loan service is provided as a privilege to our patrons. Hebert Public Library strives to maintain a good reputation within the InterLibrary Loan system, so we can continue providing ILL service to our patrons.
  • Overdue ILL material may not be renewed. Automatic online renewal of ILL material by the patron for material not overdue is not allowed.
  • Fees for late and overdue ILL materials are the same as for standard materials. Refer to the fee chart for the current rates. Late fees may be waived under extenuating circumstances.
  • Patrons should be provided with a copy of the Interlibrary Loan policy when they request to borrow materials (especially for first-time borrowers).
  • A total of 5 items may be requested and/or checked out at one time. Duplicate simultaneous requests by a patron for an item are not accepted.
  • Repeat ILL requests for titles should be submitted to the Director for consideration of purchase.
  • Only resources not owned, unreturned for an extended period of time, or missing may be requested from another library.
  • Resources NOT eligible to be sent to other libraries include: books within one year of publishing date (bestsellers), certain genealogical resources, local history books/materials, reference books/materials, textbooks, microfilm/form/fiche, games, electronic resources, software, equipment, periodicals, newspapers, and telephone and city directories.
  • No long distance phone numbers will be accepted for the notification process. Local phone numbers and e-mail addresses are accepted forms for ILL notification.
  • The following codes & guidelines will be adhered to in administering Interlibrary Loans: ALA Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (RUSA/STARS), the TexShare Interlibrary Loan Code, CONTU Guidelines, U.S. Copyright codes, the Amigos Western Resource Sharing Agreement, Texas Resource Sharing Project ILL Agreement.